OSCO Providing Professional Building Services.

Our Method

Construction Management

Our preferred method of providing our clients with the result they require is to use the Construction Management method of construction contracting.

Using this method, an existing client and builder relationship is extended from project to project by the appointment of the builder as Construction Manager who then works with the client and the client’s architect, engineers and quantity surveyor as part of a team.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing is still achieved for the project as the construction manager calls prices by public tender for each aspect of the project. The process is flexible, consultative, open book and non-adverserial.

When we act as construction manager for our clients, we are paid a fee for services in a manner similar to the other consultants in the design team. The client enjoys the on-going relationship of working with a construction team that they have a history with where trust has already been established.

On Time & Within Budget

Our method of delivery has met the requirement of the Queensland Independent Schools Block Grant Authority with projects completed on time & in budget.

This method also allows us to manage client preferred contactors and volunteer work by members of the church, club or organization that wish to contribute to the project for reason that are not commercially based.

Great Relationships

Osco is a small, profession entity capable of large projects but never many at the same time.

Maybe your next project could benefit from a fresh approach with a builder that always strives to provide professional building services and is more interested in relationships than growth, shareholders or stockmarket listing.

Our Mission

At OSCO we work different

Our mission is to provide our clients with professional building services on a continuing basis. To successfully accomplish that, we have had to provide our clients with outcomes that satisfy their construction project requirements both on time and within budget, whilst maintaining enough financial reward for our effort to ensure our enterprise remain viable.

We have a developed a client base that trusts us with repeat business allowing us to satisfy both sides of the equation that our mission statement demands.

Recent Projects